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From the President - December


What a year it has been and still is.

Much of the year has been taken up with RGH and its future. I am happy to report that there is a possibility that it will remain a recognised veteran area, and retain both the pool and Rehab Centre with an extended garden around the Chapel.


This is by no means a done deal, but it is a promising future if a certain bid is successful.

Our closer ties to other ESO’s, ie: Korea and South East Asia, Borneo/Malaya and Vietnam veterans Associations. We are working together to get our voices heard in government and other areas.


It is necessary in this day and age for us to work together with a united front to be able to exercise some influence.

Our thoughts are with Robin and his family for the loss of Denise who passed away in December. She will be sadly missed.

Those of you who read the last issue of SNAFU and the article on Ward 17 will not be surprised to hear that we received a slightly upset response from the Director of Veterans Affairs {SA}. A reply has been sent, not to appease the Director, but to let him know that we value the principle of free speech and covered a few other areas as well.

The Christmas function was quite good, certainly our Patron enjoyed himself, as by all reports, did everybody else.
We had an excellent turnout for our clean-up day, and much was achieved. Thank you to all that came along and put in quite a bit of hard work and effort, and for a job/s well done.

I am looking forward to a good 2016 at the Federation and I trust that it will be a much better year for all our members. To this end, I would be pleased if all of you have had a very pleasant and fulfilling Festive Season.

Cheers all,






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