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Hi Guy's, it's me, Dawn, I'm Lynden Pettet's wife. Some of you know us, and some of you don't.

I want to bring to you all the awful fact that Cancer can strike any one of you at any time.

In early December Lynden had been to the Re Pat as he did every Monday and was watching a thunderstorm with our neighbour drinking a beer. He came inside to have a pee and it was blood. He had been feeling fine, no pain, and no trouble passing water.

The next day he visited the Doc and went for an ultrasound, "no worries," we said, "just one of those things.
Three day's later we were in the Urologists rooms. The ultrasound had shown up a 3.75cm x 2.45cm cancer. "HAPPY BLOODY CHRISTMAS." The Urologist said not to worry, these were quite common, an overnight stay in Hospital and it would be gone. Lynden rang a few days later for the results of the biopsy to be told "sorry, but it's still there. We will have to do it again in a month after this one had healed, and go deeper this time, but don't worry we will get it this time."

He had to have a CT Scan a week later in early March and dropped into the surgery to pick up the appointment time. The Urologist wanted to see him! "Sorry, but the Bladder has to come out!! And soon."

Well, the outcome of this is that Lynden is now without a bladder. He is 13 kilo's lighter than when he went in to the Hospital. Nine day's on crushed ice can do that to a fella, six of them in CCU.

As you can imagine, he is now impotent, and has to wear a bag for the rest of his life.

Is this fair? You bet your boot's it isn't. Like most of you, he is in his prime, or was.

I could go into a lot more of the gory details but I don't want you to stop reading this.

PLEASE BOYS if you notice any changes. Trouble passing water, blood in your urine, get to your Doctor. It may be nothing, but I wouldn't want to hear of any one of you going through this. That goes for the back half of you too!

You have all been through so much, and still are, you must look after yourselves.

We must care for each other.

I love my Vet and it has been an ordeal which has tested us both.

PTSD is bad enough to live through but this as well is too much to endure.

Lynden is now slowly recovering, thanks to the love and support of all of you too many to put on paper. You know who you are.

I learnt how to use the Internet so I was able to keep you updated on his progress. I kid you not E-mails kept me going when I felt like giving up.

To all of you known and unknown,




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